Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp


I hope everyone had a very, very Happy Father’s Day!! The past few weeks have been filled with a lot of traveling and speaking. From Los Angeles to Georgia to Virginia where I guest spoke at Broad Run High School’s Graduation to DC for Roland Martin’s News One to Maryland for Sister Jenna’s Mediation Museum to New York for the Fatherly Summit back to Chicago and on to Los Angeles I’ve been on the move speaking about Dear Father Letters, raising awareness for our goal of “One Million Letters Written, One Million Hearts Healed,” giving commencement addresses at a handful of graduations, and performing at events like Father Pfleger’s Peace Rally and March. It’s truly been an adventure.


Not that one was more of an highlight than the other it was especially rewarding to give a Dear Father Letters workshop for my 2nd year in a row at Steve Harvey’s Mentoring Camp for Young Men. Dealing with the struggles of growing up in fatherless homes these 200 young men gathered in the Georgia ninety degree heat at Camp Grace and listened as I shared my story, the POWER of Forgiveness, and guided them to writing Dear Father Letters. Eagerly and excitedly they filled the pages within minutes with stories, poems, and letters dedicated to their fathers. With hands raised I rushed from table to table as some of the young men shared some very gifted and heartfelt words. Some struggled but still pushed through to tap into their creativity. It was POWERFUL!! It was very inspiring to see the healing that took place. Thanks a lot to The Harvey Foundation for the invite!


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