Calling ALL Mothers… A Brother NEEDS your help!!

Calling ALL Mothers… A Brother NEEDS your help!!

Every Day Is Mother’s Day!!

“Every day I celebrate you, because your love has no limit,
no blemish.
I celebrate your natural willingness to care and encourage.
I admire your courage and strength.
You’re my gift, my breath of fresh air, my hero, my She-ro, my superhero,
who has sacrificed so much so I would have a fair chance in life…”
Those are some of J. Ivy’s words written in reference to his mother in the book “Dear Father: Breaking the Cycle of Pain.” Recently, J. Ivy spoke of the inspiration for his upcoming video, “Everyday Is Mother’s Day.”
“I would be nowhere without my Mother’s love, guidance, strength, sacrifice, grace, and unselfishness. She has poured so, so much into my life and has covered my brothers and I every step of the way. I would not have been able to eventually Break the Cycle of Pain if it wasn’t for her nurturing love.
While recording the Dear Father Audio Book, I decided to take some of the poems from the book and turn them into songs. “Every Day Is Mother’s Day” was a natural selection for these musical remixes and with the help of my friend, singer, and musician Khari Lemuel it turned out to be my favorite song on the entire project.
As I celebrate my own Mother, who I LOVE DEARLY, I want to celebrate all Mother’s who have lifted their own, who have lifted me, who have lifted the world. This is where I need your help. With Mother’s Day coming up I’m asking all Mothers everywhere to send in footage, short video clips, of you with your children for the upcoming “Every Day Is Mother’s Day” video. From the old to the young we want to show and celebrate you all. If you are a Mother, know a Mother, or want to celebrate your Mother please send in your clips and pictures to by April 20, 2016, as we are nearing this beautiful day. Please share this with people who would also like to honor their Mothers in my national video launch. I’m SO EXCITED for you all to hear and see this work of art.”


– J. Ivy

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